Easter is coming, this means: it’s time for chocolate! There is no sweeter gesture in this time of the year, than gifting a chocolate egg.

For all lovers of chocolate, creamy scents, we’ve created a new limited edition blend: our “Cioccolatte Caffè”.

Easter and chocolate: when was this love born?

This holiday’s connection to chocolate eggs is relatively recent, actually. The Easter egg has always been a symbol of rebirth, since the spread of Christianity in the Western world (already in the Middle Ages, people exchanged decorated boiled eggs during this holiday). The arrival of chocolate can be dated back to the 1700s. In fact, the chocolate eggs were born in France at the court of King Louis XIV, when the French chocolatier David Chaillou invented the first homemade chocolate egg with cocoa cream.

To get to know chocolate eggs as we love them today, we have to thank François Louis Cailler, who in 1819 invented a special machine in his Swiss factory for processing cocoa which allowed the processing of manipulable chocolate into solid shapes, from bars to eggs. From that moment onwards, the love for the Easter chocolate egg has never ended.

Easter coffee by Caffèlab

Here is our new coffee, a limited edition made up of unique specialty coffees that are traceable from the origin to the cup. Here is our Cioccolatte Caffè, with its chocolate aromas that you’ll absolutely love!

To create this Specialty and traceable coffee blend, three different coffees were chosen with the aim of creating a coffee that is characterized by aromas of milk chocolate, nougat and raisins.

The blend is made up of: Brazil Fazenda Pereira, Colombia San Alberto, both processed with the washed method, and China Ou Yang processed with a double fermentation.

We recommend this blend for moka or espresso, but it can also be enjoyed with filter brewing.

Cioccolatte Caffè, is not only a limited edition but also a Women’s Coffee Project, of the International Women’s Coffee Alliance (of which we are one of the founding companies in Italy) which works to guarantee women workers and coffee producers a fair wage and lifestyle, promoting their independence. This blend is only available at this time of year.