In summer, we love a great Cold Brew!

If you order a  “cold coffee” in Italy, you’ll most likely get a so-called “caffè shakerato”. This is a normal espresso, shaken with ice.
But the Cold brew is something very different. The first traces of Cold Brew can be found as early as the 1700s, in Kyoto, Japan.

This cold extraction system requires a long time for its extraction (usually a few hours, depending on the quantity and the equipment used).

Cold brew is usually made with tools which we could define as scenographic. You’ve probably noticed a glass-made column, usually to be seen in cool, “third-wave” coffee places, similar to an hourglass. In the upper part you’ll find cold water and ice which, through a small valve, allows us to regulate the dripping of water on the ground coffee. From here the extract still drips into the jug below. If we’re looking for a more simple version of this iconic object, we can opt for the Toddy, a very practical and easy-to-use Cold Brew extraction tool, available on Caffèlab!

Cold extractions allow us to avoid the bitter notes of coffee, to limit acidity and fats. The result is therefore a very clear and clean cup.

Our suggestion: add some almond milk in the morning for breakfast, or use it with alcohol-based drinks for fantastic cocktails or mocktails with some tonic water or soda. Cold brew coffee can be stored in the fridge for a few days.

If you love cold coffee and want to try it at home, you should try our Cold Lab limited edition coffee blend, specifically created for cold coffee, and perfect at any time of the day!

Cold Lab: coffee for Cold Brew

Enjoy this fresh and light coffee thanks to a cold infusion that gives your palate a fresh and silky taste.

For this Cold Brew blend, we’ve selected three different Specialty Coffees of the Arabica variety: Costa Rica Entre Rios, Ethiopia Bona Ayele and China Meng Meng. Three very light and fresh coffees, which combined create a cup that reminds us of summer, with aromas of citrus, white peach and green tea.

Want to feel the scent of summer on your palate? Try it now!