When we think of Halloween we can’t help but imagine witches, walking dead, monsters and pumpkins.

Our question is: is there a coffee that tunes in well with this festivity?

Halloween and the Celtic New Year: a party to welcome winter

Halloween has a very long story that’s undergone many transformations, to become the festivity it is today.

You might not know that Halloween’s origins are not to be found in the United States, but in Ireland, where the 31st of October corresponded to the Celtic New Year. A time of the year that marks the end of the harvest, the end of summer and the beginning of winter. It was the moment in which the provisions were put aside to overcome the cold of the months to come. A very important moment of transition.

The perfect coffee for Halloween

And what better drink to warm up from the lower temperatures than an excellent coffee? It’s our time to dim the lights, light a few candles, bake our fragrant cinnamon biscuits and make room for the “Vampire Kiss Coffee”, the perfect coffee for Halloween.

This limited edition is available only at this time of the year!

Vampire kiss coffee: great for the moka pot!

When creating our coffee blends, we go for simplicity: just a few specialty coffees blended together, selected from some of the best traceable and “Women Coffee Project” Farm Coffees. We carefully selected three coffees: Peru Pachamama, India Ratnagiri and Brazil Rodomunho.

The “Women Coffee Project” is part of the International Women’s Coffee Alliance, of which Caffèlab is one of the founding companies. Our goal is to raise awareness for women working in the coffee industry, especially in producing countries, by making sure they are treated with the utmost respect, paid and treated fairly.

The three coffees that make up this blend are therefore unique and sustainably sourced. They bring to your cup the typical aromas that remind us of autumn: spicy and balanced notes, with hints of yellow pumpkin, caramel, cinnamon and cardamom. An enveloping scent will flood your palate!

The aromas of this blend are perfect for a Moka Pot extraction. But why not try them even with a filter / brewing extraction as well?

Here’s our special Halloween deal: get our Vampire kiss coffee with a 20% discount now!